Discover the advantages of advertising with a charity station


Get MORE from your advertising budget than just advertising

Build brand loyalty

Attach a greater purpose to your brand

Give customers a reason to support your business

Reach a greater audience through cross-marketing

Help make a difference in the world

Highlight your company's values to employees and customers

Foster a culture of community within your organisation

Enhance your business image and reputation by doing social good

If given the choice between two companies that offered  products and services at the same price, 82% said their decision would be influenced by whether the company engaged with charities and its local community.
(survey conducted by Forresters)

Coming together to give back

Phoenix Airwaves proudly donates 50% of every advertising package purchased to the charity whose station you advertise with.

At Phoenix Airwaves, giving back to social causes is an important part of our business culture and everyday work.  Thank you for making it yours, too.

Good for your marketing budget & the community, too!

We've got a packaged priced right for you. 
Below is just a sample of what's available.  Please view our full range of packages to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Don't have a 30 second commercial?

That's no problem.  We can arrange for your commercial to be produced.

Purchase your advertising package

Select the advertising package that best suits.  If you would like us to organize the production of your 30 second commercial, simply select that option during the purchasing process.

Gather details for your commercial

You will receive a form to complete, outlining the details you wish to include in your 30 second commercial.  Simply return this form via email and we will get the production process underway.

Approve your commercial

You will receive an audio file of your commercial within 10 business days of receiving your ad details. Once approved, your commercial is ready to go to air.

Have your 30 second radio commercial produced for only $100