No matter how remote your business is ... help is only a Cooee away.

Cooee Radio is all about helping promote 'Bush Business'. Giving a voice to the amazing and unique businesses from the regional and remote areas of Australia.

There's NO talkback, NO announcers, NO news... Just great music from the 70's till today (with some radio ads from our Bush Business Members sprinkled in between).

Just by listening and telling your friends about us, you will be helping our bush friends (you can always buy their products as well!)

What if I need a 30 second commercial?

We can certainly help with that. In fact we have some professional Voice Over Partners that have agreed to provide their voice talents to produce commercials at an amazing rate for our members.

Fun Fact: Why did we call it Cooee Radio?

Cooee is a uniqely Australia shout out to attract attention and indicate your own location. It is also known as a call of help... Sounds exactly like what we wanted. We want to tell all of Australia (and the world) about our bush business members and (because we have great music and they have great products) they will tell all their friends as well.

Can any business subscribe?

Unfortunately, NO.
Click below for the conditions.

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Cooee Radio is a Phoenix Airwaves Initiative